Acorn Lawyers

Acorn Lawyers in one of the youngest and fast growing law firms with offices in Sydney, Wollongong and Nowra region of Australia. Acorn Lawyers is a unique combination of legal expertise, entrepreneurial flair and friendly services to their clients.

Acorn Lawyers website presented a unique challenge of creating a simple yet emphatic website which captured elegance and uniqueness of their business. They wanted a website that reflected their work culture which is simple, transparent and brings out the essence of their firm. We created an easy to navigate, structured and modern website with plenty of white spaces. Their website includes inbuilt blog space and is easy to update website with all their challenges aptly handled.

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Dr Agarwal

Dr Smita Agarwal is a renowned Opthalmologist based in the South Coast of NSW, Australia. She has been engaged in providing best eye-care treatments to her patients, participates in various medical events, and is actively involved in teaching and mentoring medical students.

Dr Agarwal wanted a website of her own to create a strong online presence. We designed a website for Dr Agarwal just the way she had asked for. We developed a website with a very attractive look giving a clean drive through, describing her professional achievements and volunteering interests. The website is comprehensive, about Dr Agarwal and easily operated by the visitors.

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IACAII, an Indian Australian Cultural Association is a group in NSW, Australia. The association organizes various events for the Indian nationals there so as to keep the Indian Culture presence flawless amongst the community. With this objective of the Association, we created an exquisite website with a lot of insights on their events organized in the past. The elementary design of the website is kept such that it keeps the visitor engaged watching the high resolution images of the events, beautifully designed brochures and newsletters.

The website was designed with much simplicity yet an appealing view keeping the requirements of the IACAII objective for their website in mind. A scope for an easy add-on of the event details that would take place in future is also kept carefully by the website development team.

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NRI Club

NRI Club, an online information dissemination hub, is a venture of MeLeA Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd. The portal has covered the database from a variety of industries, starting from Hotels and Restaurants to Lawyers or Chartered Accountants across various cities of India. The idea was to link the gap between users and businesses by helping the users find relevant information about the suitable providers of services easily. It provides a free listing for the Indian Businesses, giving them an opportunity to build a strong online presence.

The website has been designed with simple navigation throughout and an elegant background with multiple images at the homepage and a white space background for internal pages. The fact that it has enormous database and each page requires its own loading time, the website development team kept a good note of it.

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South Coast Medical Forum (SCMF)

South Coast Medical Forum (SCMF), an annual multi-specialty education event, was a concept brought by two renowned doctors of Wollongong in Australia. The forum is primarily organized for the General Practitioners of medical community in the South Coast of NSW, Australia. SCMF welcomes a number of doctors from a variety of fields in medical profession to participate in the event as speakers.

The website designed for this forum is an elaborate one. It has a detailed account of the speakers in the forum. All the important and informative tabs such as the Venue, Sponsors, and Speakers etc. are placed just at the comfortable sight for the visitor. The website has been developed keeping a well ordered structure in the priority.

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Shri Shiva Mandir

Shri Shiva Mandir, located in Minto Road of NSW Australia was founded by Indian Community in 1991. The Chairman of Mandir was approached by a lot of Hindu devotees residing in Australia to create an online presence of temple which would enable its reach to the younger generation of Indian Communities as well. The temple is a not-for-profit organization for the community. It follows the usual routine of a Hindu temple with regular worships and celebration of Hindu Festivals for the communities residing in Australia.

To develop a website for a temple was an exciting task. We came up with a simple yet elegant website. The website is designed with white space in the background to bring in better readability for the visitor. It has detailed information about Mandir, a beautiful gallery, the events that have been held or will take place in future and the services that they provide.

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Wollongong Eye Specialists Centre

Wollongong Eye Specialists Centre comprises of highly experienced and qualified team of Ophthalmologists based out of Sydney, Wollongong and Nowra. Wollongong Eye Specialists provide their patients the eye-care with the latest technology. 

The website of the Wollongong Eye Specialists is a detailed one along with the modern treatments they provide and briefs about the events they organize.  They wanted to revamp their website with the most useful insights they could give to their patients and other visitors.  Their website also gives a plenty of information about their doctors and the team.  We created a user-friendly website keeping all the requirements intact. Moreover, the website was developed with a modern representation. The website as said is not only user-friendly but also with a refreshing white crisp look making it easy to steer-through.
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